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The Collective

The 155 is comprised of historic Indigenous communities found in the Northwest region of Saskatchewan, along Highway 155.


This includes the municipalities and First Nation communities listed below: 


Buffalo Narrows

Canoe Lake First Nation

Eagle's Lake

Northern Hamlet ofPatuanak

English River First Nation-Patuanak

English River First Nation-La Plonge

Ile-a-la Crosse

Jans Bay

Cole Bay

La Loche

Black Point

St. George's Hill

Lac La Plonge Resort Village

Little Amyotte Resort Village

Clearwater Dene Nation

Buffalo River Dene Nation

Bear Creek


Michel Village

Green Lake

Garson Lake

Dore Lake

Sled Lake

Birch Narrows Dene Nation

Northern Hamlet of Turnor Lake


What is the ICC?


The ICC is the Northwest’s Incident Command Centre (ICC). 


The ICC is coordinating the Northwest region’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


This regional initiative was created the pandemic, to help all the communities in the Northwest.  Located in Beauval, the ICC is staffed by local people.  It is headed by Rick Laliberte.


It was created by a Joint Leadership Group made up of the First Nations, Métis and municipal government in the region. Together, the Joint Leadership Group collaborated to maximize our local and regional resources, capacities, and information.


The ICC acts a regional hub to coordinate and support all the region’s emergency teams. The ICC hosts daily conference call briefings for community leaders across the North West. These calls enable communities to explain their issues, share information about needed capacity, and discuss possible solutions from across the region and beyond. These daily briefings include provincial and federal  specialists, health authority representatives, agency supports, and elected leaders. 


The ICC are also responsible for four regional check points in and out of the region.  These check points will encourage only essential travel in the region, and educate motorists about ways to keep themselves and their communities healthy and safe. 


The spokespeople for the ICC are Meadow Lake Tribal Council Chief Richard Ben, Métis Nation – Saskatchewan President Glen McCallum, and Northwest Municipalities Representative Mayor Duane Favel of Ile a la Crosse.

Technical Working Group


Comprised of representatives from Municipalities, First Nations and Metis Nation - Saskatchewan. The Technical Working Group is the administrative and ‘action’ force of the day to day activities on behalf of the Joint Leadership Group (our leaders). The TWG establishes the priority aspects to maximize emergency response across the region. Their coordinating efforts brings together community groups and other designated community representatives to discuss community emergency status and encourages multi-point sharing of information. The TWG guides technical support groups to strengthen existing programs and services and assist in the establishment of programs and services lacking in communities. The TWG supports communities.


Technical supports


•Social Health 

•Budgets and Financial Aide

•Food Security


•Safety and Education

•Local EOC 

•Regional Services Database


•Contact Database

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